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7 Benefits Of Using Natural Skincare

7 Benefits Of Using Natural Skincare

With a greater focus on healthy lifestyles and general wellbeing, the demand for all-natural skincare products and treatments has grown exponentially over previous years. And there’s plenty of good reasons why.
Not only is there a range of environmental benefits, but the transformational effects seen in just about any skin type is undeniably the key reason you should toss out your chemical-laden products and start feeding your skin with luscious, natural botanicals.
Who doesn’t want to do their bit for our planet? By opting for natural or organic skincare products, brands, and treatments, you’re actively choosing to:
● Use healthier ingredients
● Support local farmers and producers
● Reduce the amount of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere and waterways during manufacturing
● Take a stance against climate change by reducing the production of greenhouse gases
● Not support animal testing
● Protect marine wildlife from harmful toxins that make their way into our waterways.
Mainstream skincare products are often made up of harmful chemicals that negatively impact the planet at various stages of the manufacturing process and during use. They can also be detrimental to your skin, causing unwanted irritation and reactions, particularly in people with sensitive skin types.
Further to the above-mentioned benefits, natural skincare products are often packaged in environmentally friendly packaging - another bonus for seeking out products that will have long-lasting benefits for not only your skin but the environment.
Making the switch to natural will not only nourish your skin but help protect our planet as well.
Many skincare products and/or their ingredients are often tested on animals which sadly causes unnecessary suffering for countless innocent creatures.
The Australian Government introduced a ban on animal testing chemicals used exclusively as cosmetic ingredients from 1 July 2020. However, if any of the ingredients are used for other purposes in addition to cosmetic products, the ingredients will still be allowed to be tested on animals.
This means that some of the ingredients in chemical-based skincare could potentially still be tested on animals. To be absolutely confident that you’re not supporting this practice, choose to purchase natural, ethical, and cruelty-free face products.
Avoid irritation
Those with sensitive skin would know all too well how easily irritated it can become even people with normal skin types can sometimes be intolerant to mainstream skincare products.
Many conventional products contain chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that are harsh on the skin and often leave it feeling dry, red, sore, and irritated, and in some cases will even cause breakouts.
In contrast, a natural face mask or natural face scrub is gentle and nourishing, and will improve and enhance your complexion and tone, visibly add hydration to your skin, and leave your skin smooth and bright—an ideal foundation for flawless makeup application!
Perfect for all skin types
Natural and botanical products offer an array of benefits for just about every skin type, from dry skin to oily skin and everything in between—and it’s easy to find natural alternatives for any skin product (even something as specific as a natural face exfoliator for sensitive skin) whether you want to target acne, reduce wrinkles or simply boost the brightness, smoothness, and plumpness of your skin.
The best ingredients come from Mother Nature
Products like Beautiful Souls skincare are 100% natural, vegan products, free from abrasive chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and more. Like many other natural products available on the market, Beautiful Souls is bursting with minerals, superfoods, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to a host of natural ingredients—each with their own super-powers that will leave your skin glowing.
When looking for the right ingredients that will deliver exceptional results from your skincare, you need not look any further than nature itself.
Here are some of our favourites and how they can be used to benefit your skin.
Coconut is the little secret that makes your skin so soft and supple to touch. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, coconut nourishes and moisturizes the skin, helping to even out any fine lines.
Fruit enzymes such as those found in pineapple and papaya dissolve dead skin cells, prepare your skin for hydration and help to prevent signs of premature ageing—among a host of other benefits!
Oats can be used in exfoliation but are rich in antioxidant properties that work wonders in helping to undo skin damage caused by UV, chemicals, and pollutants. They soothe, reduce itching and inflammation, making it an ideal ingredient for people who experience eczema and psoriasis.
White kaolin clay is a mild but effective facial cleanser that boasts a host of properties that will leave your skin feeling and looking smooth, bright, and soft by removing dead skin cells, absorbing toxins and excess oils, and fighting acne.
Rice has been used for centuries as a natural beauty aid thanks to its anti-ageing and oil-absorbing properties. Ground into a powder, it is an ideal ingredient for dull, oily, or acne-prone skin.
The results are in: benefits of natural ingredients
Choosing natural skincare products is more than just a trend, it’s part of a holistically healthy lifestyle. If you are what you eat, then your skin will be what you apply to it.
The most significant benefit of using natural skincare is healthy, balanced skin. Here are some of the more targeted and universal benefits:
✓ Buffs away dead skin cells with active enzymes, pineapple and papaya
✓ Absorbs excess oil without drying your skin
✓ Detoxifies and brightens
✓ Deeply nourishes and softens skin
✓ Clarifies and evens skin tone
✓ Reduces redness and sensitivity
And not to forget that great makeup starts with great skincare.
Skincare is the best foundation
Skin is the largest organ of the human body and acts as a protective barrier against infections and harmful irritants—but this doesn’t mean it is impenetrable.
This begs the question, why would you apply products riddled with harmful chemicals, carcinogens, and synthetic products directly onto your skin?
Natural skincare products offer the benefits of radiant, glowing and flawless skin without the inclusion of toxic chemicals. Here’s some that you should avoid:
● Synthetic fragrances
● Synthetic colours
● Petrochemicals
● Silicones
● Parabens
● Sulphates
● Microbeads
● SLSs
● Phthalates
The best way to ensure your skin is in tip-top condition all of the time is to practice a regular skincare routine using only the best natural exfoliating scrub, masks, and cleansers.

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